Did I get prescribed too much

My first episode I was prescribed 1mg of respiradal then later switched to 100mg seroquel. I was under 18. Anyway I managed to get off meds for almost 5 years and when they gave me my meds after I relapsed first they tried to give me 600mg of seroquel where previously I had been on 100mg then amisulpride 400mg after I said the seroquel was making me sick. The amisulpride was almost knocking me out, I could not stay stood up. I wish they had looked at my previous dosages and gave me a small dose I respond very well to meds and always these days feel my dosage is a bit too much.

I hope @Wave answers this thread.

You could be sensitive to meds.

I for one dont do so well on higher doses - I can feel many of the side effects.

400 mg of Amisulpride is not an extremely high dose - 800 mg is an optimal dose, but you could be sensitive and need lower doses.

I would clearly spell out your needs to your pdoc, tell him or her that you want to go slow and take it from there.

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You have to speak up on your behalf quickly before the medication makes you unintelligible. They don’t know what it is going on inside of you. After you’re set up with a medication, it becomes difficult to put things into words. Don’t expect them to know what is going on with you. Also, they influence you in your feelings about them. It might become difficult for you to contradict them.

If you stay stable and basically med. compliant your doctor should be willing to work with you to reduce your dose.