Did I even have psychosis?

When I had my delusions I was relatively functioning, got okay grades in school etc

I haven’t done anything actually embarrassing during me being ”delusional”. Does this mean that I faked it?

No, it doesn’t mean you faked it.

We already had a conversation like this before.

You did not fake it. You have had psychosis and you still do.

You are young and there is a good chance that you can recover fully from your sz, but it’s about finding the right time to try it.

The first you need to aim for is finding stability which is what the meds are helping you with. When you have been stable for a long time, like a year, you could ask your doctor to lower your dose and if you still feel stable after that, well then maybe you can quit.

If you do quit right away you risk having another episode which may set you back, you might experience paranoid thoughts, have fallouts with people and drop out of school for a couple of months which will hurt your life. You would maybe need to attend school for a extra year.

The best advice we can give you on this site is don’t do anything rash like quitting your meds without having your doctors approval.

And the fact that you need to ask the question if you faked it or not means that you probably didn’t. “Faking it” or having a altered personality is a common sign of psychosis.

I doubt if you faked it. Very few people want to be psychotic.

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In my first episode I went floridly psychotic for six months without my roommate, parents, friends or fellow students noticing anything. I had the best grades of my undergrad studies during that period.

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How is that possible?

I don’t have any symptoms though?

Why do you post the same question?

If you had symptoms, then got given medication and you feel better - you see the connection here?

I see it but it treats anxiety too

You’re having residual effects of AP. That’s why you’re not having any symptoms.

Residual effects? I’m on the meds

That’s the point. That’s why you don’t have any symptoms.

But I didn’t have symptoms for 2 months after quitting meds

…and also that’s the point. You had residual effects of AP.

For 2 months? The half life is 3 days on the pills I was on the pills back then

I was actually on residual effects for 6 months after I quit meds with my doctor’s approval. Then I relapsed and I got right back on meds. After that, I feel more stable. I hope you’ll believe that you need meds and you indeed have had psychosis.

Yeah…it is quite common to feel okay at first. The drugs stay in the system for a while after quitting. In the past when I have gone off medications it has usually taken about a month and a half or so before I got a relapse again, and then I would have to take megadoses of ap’s for a while to get back to normal. Totally zombified which is not recommended.

Hopefully you don’t do the same mistake I did. However I didn’t have courage to join a support group before just a few weeks ago. I had no one to talk to about my symptoms or troubles in the past which is silly. I wish I joined this group 10 years ago so I could get advise to better my situation.

After joining this group I got the courage to go ask my doctor for a different medication to see if it works better…I got appointment next week. I have been on the same one for over 10 years.

I have psychotic MDD and I’m never quitting my meds even after I go on remission.

Why would you fake it? No one wants meds for no reason. See how you’re faking “faking psychosis”?