Did I do wrong?

I was getting a haircut this afternoon. When I walked into the salon there were two beauticians. They sat and talked for about ten minutes before one of them came over and got me. I thought it was very bad customer service for them to keep me waiting that long. I have no experience in this area, but it seems to me like very bad policy to keep the customer waiting. So, when it came time to pay for the haircut I gave the beautician a much smaller tip than I usually give. I’m wondering. Is there some kind of policy in the haircutting business that says it’s okay to keep a customer waiting that long?


they had no right to ignore your business there, or at least brush it off like it’s nothing compared to their conversation. at least you gave a tip, period


Were you the only customer? My assertiveness comes and goes but I might have said something politely to them to see what was going on. You might have said “Excuse me, are you two almost finished talking?”. That simple statement would have confronted their behaviour so all three of you were on the same page and that would have been appropriate and called them on their crap. I’m not criticizing you it’s just this is an example of how we can control the situation.Ten minutes is an outrageously long time to talk when there’s a customer waiting and very unprofessional.

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I learned how to cut my own hair and don’t have to wait on anyone now.


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