Did i complicate my illness with my social isolation?

As you know, i have 16 years of social isolation… Ive ben treated for just 6 of them. But its just since an year that i really struggle. I already have intellectual deficits, i am afraid that it will take me many more years to get stabilized… Am i wrong? Can the meds help me though on this? My paranoia is here still, i cant go out without my sunglasses now… And i have no activity outside my apartment…
am i doing wrong to sit here? we have a problem, Houston, lol… :smiley:
I dont want a second ap, i am med sensible and i feel their side effects a lot still.
Zyprexa is it good for paranoia and false beliefs? The other part of my illness is my bad character still…
I dont want a life of loneliness, no… it will be a hell too.

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Yeah trying to get out more and socialize is a big key in your recovery and health. You aren’t living a well balanced life and that is what is causing you to ruminate your past experiences and your “failures” thus making you feel alienated.

Focusing so much on your insecurities is just asking to feel alienated from society and when in public.

Take baby steps. Go for a walk every evening simply take in the scenery then go back home. Then eventually go for a walk, grab a smoothie or coffee. And go back home before to long you’ll be going out and conversing with people.

Don’t think about how you are acting or how you feel. People can not see your illness or awkwardness unless you act on it. Loosen your grip in public

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Medicine is not going to get rid of habits and mental patterns. Sometimes we have to do things and feel uncomfortable doing them until you get to the point that your energy and emotion begins to come back to you and back you up.

It’s easy to lock up and feel overwhelmed by life. It’s about havi g sound reasoning and understanding of yourself.


Hi Anna,

I don’t know what to say. But it’s good to see you on the forum. Do you find the forums helpful?

Hugs :hugs:


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Yes tomasina, i find it helpful. I read the others too. For me, even the simple socializing here helps me :grinning:. But well, i cant always follow some of the advices… going out for example sometimes for me is still too hard. I was doing it in the past but i didnt get better so now i am a bit disappointed, i dont see the point to do it now sometimes. But ill continue trying. I just don want to lose many more years stuck in my house…

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I heard that some people try medications like Latuda that give them the effect that they can manage to go out and talk to people. I only talk to my parents and one friend. Without vyvanse it’s an uphill battle to beat social isolation. Benzos help but I think the AP’s take too much out of us. Idk things just never used to be this hard. I feel for u Guys

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