Did I catch a lung infection

I was sitting next to this guy in our assisted living center. He has COPD and he has to use a oxygen machine. He was smoking, and I inhaled a lot of his smoke. Now, any time I exert myself too hard my lungs hurt. Could I have caught a lung infection from him?

You probably are suffering from hypochondria and anxiety like me-!try not to worry it’s probably nothing

Is it cold where you live? Between the second-hand smoke and cold air, this could stress your lungs out a bit. I’m asthmatic (I have a moderate case) and have a lung disease no doctor beyond the southwest US has heard of. I just moved to cold-ass Illinois from Arizona, got a whiff of second-hand smoke today, and now I’m puffing on an inhaler. But to get back to you, no, it’s unlikely you have an infection. If you start coughing up green, brown, or yellow phlegm, you’ll want to get checked out.

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@crimby I thought you smoked cigarettes anyways? if your lungs hurt you might have pneumonia? I would go to the doctor if the pain does not go away.

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No, I don’t smoke. I smoked for a little while in the army, but I quit.