Did everyone have a good labor day weekend?

Mine was spent locked up and hidden in my room away from family because large groups of people make me feel alone and out of place, but I did come out to eat some great food. Then I pulled an Irish exit and went back to my room.

What about you?

Mostly stayed at home cleaning and doing laundry. My parents had a cookout today, just got back from it. It wasn’t a bad weekend.

Does work start this week or next week for you?

That’s great you got to have a grill and chill with your family.

Training begins next monday, September 14. I suppose I’ll have to learn the inside and outs of Obamacare and the insurance companies involved.

Had a staycation weekend…no money. I have to save up just to be broke! lol!

Worked on some of my music…bike ride with daughters…getting ready for their first big day at a new school tomorrow…grade 6!


Inbound or outbound call center? I answered calls on the benefits hotline of the company I work for. Lots to learn!

Inbound…I think.

I had a good weekend with family and grilling


Mine was/is horrible. :\

It was my birthday. I was able to go to target, the grocery store, and get my pizza without freaking out. I think I accomplished something.


Drove two and a half hours here to Sacramento to my step-moms. I’m trading cars with her and tomorrow we’re going to the DMV to do the paperwork to swap titles.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday @astefano :birthday:

It was fine, I finished my cleaning, made food, went for a long walk, today I’m going to pick up my Canadian passport! I’m officially a citizen


Congratulations on your citizenship, waterway.


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