Did anyone struggle with English and writing in school?

I graduated high school, but just barely. My ACT (college entrance exam) scores were Math 26, Natural Science 28, Social Science 22, and English 18. back in 1977, scores of 18 were the minimum to be admitted to the University here in Central Arkansas USA. I thought I would try nursing back then, but only I would have been the only male majoring in nursing in the University back then. I did go in and talk to them about it, but got a lot of funny looks. I went into the Business School but didn’t have a clue of what exact degree I wanted in business. I ended up dropping out and going to work in a bank in the mail room. Remember there wasn’t email back in 1978. I was a really good worker though and advanced without the degree. The bank did a lot of their own training courses that I did.


I left school without any qualifications. I solely live off my disability income. I’m not doing too bad financially though.

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I struggled with english in school as a second language. I needed to do two years of “reinforcement lessons” because I wasn´t able to follow the main lesson.

Curiously I believe I´m the only one of that promotion that lives abroad and uses english as the everyday language.

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No English and philosophy were my best subjects


I never struggled with English but I didn’t like stuff like Shakespeare.

When I was a child I couldn’t pronounce the letter S.

I would say “noman” instead of “snowman”, etc…

I had to have a speech therapist to teach me how to make the S sound.


Not English but French. I found English much easier than French.


I was born in Sweden but struggled with Swedish a bit .

With rolling the r and with sch sk….

English I think was easier.

German was my first language and I was fluent unfortunately I forgot it.

Want to relearn.


English class was easy for me. The easiest class maybe except for gym


math was my thing

i excelled

english was horrible

i had to repeat 2nd grade cause i couldnt keep up with it

threw all school i never really read a book

in high school and college i used to just get by with cliff notes

i was good at poems though writing them not reading them

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I was reasonably good at languages I had a stammer that went when I was about 12. My handwriting was so bad at prep school I had to have handwriting lessons with the woman who taught the junior class.

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