Did anyone stop to think that, just because we can hear, that does not make us insane?

According to scripture, in the end time, the dead will hear the VOICE of the Son of God! Would not that include demon’s and fallen angels as well? Maybe, it is not what we are hearing, but who? Think about it, even if your not Religious!

Also according to scripture, and maybe helpful, is:

      God is not the author of confusion.

" i don’t think i am insane, do you easter bunny ? ".
take care

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I pretty much think it’s “them” from outer space.
Why do they ask for toast?

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for me, the term insane is mainly a judicial term in the justice system even though it found its way to common terms of abnormal or not average to the common man. i think we get flooded by information in a overload in which our senses go haywire. i think there is something there after we are in control and not have the condition control us