Did anyone hear trumpets in the sky?

It happened in he years 2012-2013. There was also a ton of youtube vids about it. No one could find out where the sound source was! It was a sound of a drone like trumpet and it would be realllly loud, bassy and repetitive. It would be one long horn blast with a delay and then it’d start again even louder and then fade out. I remember hearing it and running outside trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. Did anyone else hear that droning sound during that time?

I only heard it on the youtube videos. Really, really freaky stuff!

hmm interesting thats the same time i passed out for a week and was rambling on about saving souls and such. too bad i missed it… :frowning:

If it happened than I never heard it. During that time I was in a town that tested the tornado sirens constantly. (once a week)

I guess I went into psychosis one time, this happened this spring. I was up for almost a day when this occurred because there was a tornado warning in my towns area but all we got was heavy rain. The thing is, the tornado siren frequency is the same as the heater/ac in the basement. So a day after that storm, the ac would be on and I’d keep hearing htat siren and it got so bad I checked the weather channel to see if any warnings were in affect. I also went outside and looked around and STILL heard that siren goin off. The sound eventually went away and left my mind once I got my sleep pattern back to normal.

nvrmnd that was january 2012 i was in the hospital in december 2011. but i dont remember hearing any noises like that. i do remember the sun having a rainbow around it though.

I never heard anything…where was it supposed to happen?

Not trumpets per se, but a carnival merry-go-round music that sounded like a rusty carousel just awakened after a long sleep, then grew fast paced and furious, louder and louder.
This happened at about 4AM out on my back porch, I couldn’t sleep because of my broken foot in a cast, so outside I went to rock in the big rocking chair.
I live in a single family home, with neighbors in a typical neighborhood of houses, and the music seemed to come out of the air, not in any particular direction. It became so loud I got up and looked around, but no lights in the neighbors houses ever came on, so it seemed to be directed only at me.
I was afraid to mention this to anyone, because it definitely was NOT my imagination, so imagine my surprise when my mom a year or so later mentioned she heard carnival music while she was using our bathroom after coming over our house to feed our cats while we were out of town.
She said it sounded like it was coming from the attic, but not directly. She never heard it once she left the bathroom and my dad was in the living room, but naturally didn’t hear anything.

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I remember the sound having a kind of scratching sound to it as well. My 2 brothers were also home and I’m surprised that they didn’t run outside and try to find out where the sound was coming from. I guess they didn’t hear it.

3 Days after Thanksgiving Nov 26 of 2014 it was 1:30 am morning went out side to walk over another house that is located in the country around lake Palestine Texas. As I was walking I hered 3 times blowing of a trumpets sounded like in a movie of Mid evil times it felt like the christion mission of a war in the knight time and really i felt that something is about to happen so we have a better place on earth. I dont think anyone was playing this because its in the country no homes or cars or roads.

horns were very altered to my hearing when I was delusional. I often heard the sound of train whistles and thought my advesary was riding on the train. maybe it was a train whistle you heard??

Yeah I remember that whole deal. People were freaking out about it and I don’t think they ever got answers. I never heard anything though.

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I didn’t hear any trumpets my friend.

I heard the funkiest slap bass imagineable. It was accompanied by hard hitting drums of an ultra funky nature as well.

It only went on for a few moments but when i heard it i knew something funky was about to happen, i mean something ultra funky to.

I had never heard any bass and drums like it. So funky you just had to let go and bounce. It was the highest order of funk that there can be, the supreme funk i heard on this day. I can only hope to reach that level of funk but ill try.

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Ok so I just looked up the explanation for it and according to scientists it was caused by a massive wave of energy hitting earth that was either caused by a BIG solar flare, or something in the earth’s core moving around.