Did anyone ever tell you to do something and then

You get the feeling they’re thinking “Don’t do it.”. The first time I cooked for our family, I had the thought “Don’t eat it.” even though the food was fine. I think I picked that up from my mother. I don’t know what causes the reaction to doing the right thing and it’s very frustrating to deal with.

Maybe sometimes people tell you to go ahead and do something because they know you want to do it.

Like ‘I’m on a diet, should I have that icecream’. They might tell you to do it. But they might want to say ‘no you’re on a diet’, but be afraid to.

I think it might also have something to do with not being able to take a complement. Or maybe I was angry at the family and didn’t really want to feed them.

Maybe it was just to do with taking a compliment, but I wouldn’t dwell on it, the mind’s a funny thing sometimes.

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