Did anyone ever shot a gun at a shooting range before

I shot an m16. pretty nice gun. guns are dangerous they are not a joke. Use them safely on a shooting range.

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My dad used to take me and my siblings to the shooting range when we were teenagers. He felt that learning about gun safety was important. From what I recall we used 22 rifles for target practice.


thats cool, did you hunt. just shoot at a range. gun safety is important.

I was in the Marine Corps. I shot a lot of things. Had an M16 and and M9 the whole time.

That grenade launcher was the funnest thing to shoot. I think it was a MK 19. The .50 caliber machine gun was pretty cool too.


No, I shot out in the country at targets and stuff we set up

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Cool guys, i always want to shoot a sniper rifle at shoot range like this one, it takes alot skills though, it would be alot fun.

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thats cool, like cans and beer bottles.

thank you for your service, cool thats great you have experience those weapons.

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Just target practicing.

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lol hahahha thats cute.

does anybody ever want to try shoot a rocket launcher, probably too dangerous right.

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I was an Army Cadet for a while when I was a teenager.

We did precision shooting with .22 and used the UK army issue L98A1 rifle which was derivative of the main army weapon the SA80

I won a shooting medal in a competition for grouping of bullets on a 500m range.

It was good fun

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i’ve never been to a gun range, but once i shot my friends handgun out in the country, he put a target on a tree and i emptied the clip. i shot without ear plugs, and now i sometimes get ringing in my ears, and wonder if that is why? i don’t really like guns though, i also shot his shotgun. this was pre-sz.

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its fun right, your feel powerful. I want to go back to the shooting range again but i want to shoot a sniper rifle, someone needs to teach me.

I’ve used guns at ranges. It was okay. I prefer using bows, Olympic recurve bows especially. I don’t hunt and I don’t like killing things.

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me too, i just like shooting at targets i dont like hunting.

how about a samuria sword.

I shot a stinger missle. I have one hanging up in my living room. Shot down a drone with it.

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lol really why did you that.

When I was 13 I shot an assault rifle

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