Did anyone else experience dry cough while tapering off antipsychotics?

I am tapering off mine. Last time when I did it three years ago I experienced same thing. Dry cough or a coughing impulse.
If I make sure not to cough deliberately try to control it I do so with my mouth close randomly. It turns out like when one tries to sneeze and keep mouth closed at same time.
It doesn’t happen when I am asleep. Anyone else experience it?

Never had one, though its possible.

Consult your pdoc.

How comes you are tapering off again, did you relapse? I’m considering a second attempt myself

Recently came across post mentioning antipsychotics causing dysphagia. Wonder if it is opposite effect of it due to med dose being lowered.

I was playing with fire. Was doing semen retention on top of two antidepressants. I don’t know what helped or combo. It wiped out my anxiety and depression. I became bit hyperactive. Mood more elated than usual. Would have bit self-referencing at times.
These all thing stopped on their own after I stopped doing semen retention and didn’t overspend msyelf. Going back to antipsychotics was hasty decision on my part.

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So you didn’t have a full blown relapse then, that’s good.

Whats that fancy word for? So frankly you stopped having a wank for a few months?

Its cobblers that people think it improves their mental health by the way.

No wanking. No ejaculating.

Have you tried it? It does for lot of people. But is troublesome for those at risk for psychosis or those who already experienced psychosis before.

Luckily I didn’t have full blown psychosis to begin with.

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Mate - i been round here for years, and seen the endless stories of the suppossed benefits from not masturbating.

It just makes people feel guilty when they do - and ive yet to see any medical evidence thats it beneficial for your mental health by not doing so. If anything - having an orgasm releases endorphins.

So sorry mate - I aint buying it.

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