Did anyone blank you out when you took sick?

I have to yes…

Well, yeah, and I didn’t understand it exactly. It wasn’t what I had been taught.

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It took a long time for my father to accept I had schizophrenia. After neuropsych tests and an MRI which showed brain abnormalities, only then did those results compel him to believe I wasn’t faking illness. He was a stubborn and callous person. Since he died, our relationship has gotten a lot better.

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My mother called me a liar for years - when i said i probably had sz. This was before i was diagnosed mind you - but i already knew i had it. It was the only diagnosis that fitted - and not the EUPD crap that got shoved down my throat for years.

It took an episode of psychosis witnessed by a psych doctor to confirm it finally.

She only believed me - when i showed my clinic letter saying “Schizophrenia (F20) in relapse” . She was genuinly shocked.

After that - we have a much better understanding of each other now.

What does it mean to blank someone out? I dont know the expression…

Yeah. A lot of people. For the most part, you have to forgive them, because they (in my situation, some) realised to some extent there’s more to the idea of it being out of your control and something helps less from your end to a large degree that they don’t or can’t fathom.

At the same time. They whether or not make the above discernment. They do harbour Ill thought understanding of it all and don’t care to investigate or ask or anything like that. So in a way, it hasn’t changed. The fact that they don’t rate you, has not changed. You’re still going to be blanked as soon as you fall ill, as it’s all a professionals job to them. (Least the people I am referring to)

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