Did anybody here play sports in high school

I played soccer, but had social phobia. I was only about 20% out of 100% with how I played. Did anybody else play any sports in high school?


i played basketball and football. should have played soccer instead of football. i sandbagged, i could’ve scored more in basketball, but i was a pass first point guard. but i averaged 17 points a game my last 8 or so games when i realized my playing days were about to be over. i could have played both basketball and football at division 3 colleges, but they were expensive private colleges so i choose to go to big state, indiana university.

i started varsity 3 years in football and basketball. we were ok team in basketball, i played against 3 division 1 players while i was playing and scored on all 3 of them, but they were mostly all offense players, shooting guards.


Did track and field for a year. Just discus and shot-put. I sucked but the guys were really cool about showing me the techniques.

Before that I played hockey for two years. Was just okay at it. Was pretty good at penalty killing.



Yeah, before I had social phobia. My freshman year the coach put me on the varsity team for the state tournament. Then after that I got social phobia. I also played Jr. college. I walked on and made the team, but unfortunately I still had social phobia. So I wasn’t myself.

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I went out for soccer in 11 grade.
I was on the varsity team but unfortunately I was the worst player on the team.
I rarely got to play. The coach only put me in if we were winning by a 100-1 and there was two minutes left in the game.

Even then he kept an eye on me because he was worried I would fu*k up somehow and lose the game for us.


I played baseball and did cross country skiing. :fish::fish::fish:


4 years of football, 2 years of ultimate frisbee and 1 year of wrestling


I had a gym class, I was good at soccer.


I never played football but for one half of a season…the team was cruel to me physically to quit the team…played soccer in high school and was quite good at it…

I played badminton… wanted to play soccer

I didnt play sports in high school but I played baseball in junior high and grade school. Also played basketball in grade school.

Track, swim team, water polo.

I was a cheerleader but didn’t get along with the other cheerleaders in high school because I was jealous of them and shy. They picked on me and I let them.

I played cricket for the A grade team but only batted once and I got a first ball duck. After that I basically scored so it wasn’t the best experience.

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I played baseball, basketball, and volleyball in hs. Three teammates went on to play in division 1 college. One made pros, a pitcher for the WhiteSox. I had a chance of playing collegiately d3 but chose the wrong sport to focus on! I should’ve pursued baseball rather than basketball. One of a handful of regrets.

Played football in high school broke a record for sacks as defensive end a 4 a wrestled to at 171 hard wait class learned a lot fast but did not get far then I played basket ball in junior high was dunking in 8 th grade I was like 6’5 in 8th grade probably should have played basket ball in high school but football coach talk me into wrestling to get tougher for foot ball basket ball always stressed me out i like hitting people in football probably cause I was getting sz played baseball to that streesed me out to quit football senior year then got stressed because my family put pressure on me for not playing sports anymore I always liked camping and adventure sports better joined the marines cause I felt guilty for quiting sports then got full blown sz

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