Did Anybody Ever Have "Growing Pains"?


If they have to do with lower pain threshold or psychological issues, I have both. And I’ve had “psychological issues” almost my entire life not related to schizophrenia, but just because my Mom was never there and that is painful for a kid.


I vaguely recall my mum saying to me when I was a child “it’s just growing pains”. Whether or not I was experiencing growing pains I don’t know. Perhaps I was or maybe I had pulled muscles as I was a very active child.


Yes. For a couple of years there I remember going to doctors and having them just say that. I was young…probably even before primary school! so less than 6.

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I had lots of growing pains growing up they stopped when i was a teenager though

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None I recall, may-be in the ankles ??? …

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i too was told my problems in childhood were just ‘growing pains’.

looking back i think my mental health needed someone’s help long ago.

oh well. gotta get over it now.

thank God i am pretty well now mentally.


No, but I used to watch it.

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I used to get growing pains as a kid because I grew quite tall.

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