Did any of you have mother's milk of life?

I wasn’t breast fed and think I missed out on getting my life off to a good start. Do any of you feel this way?

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I feel you. I missed out on that too. :frowning:

I wake up in the morning and it’s like “Only shitt for breakfast.”.

Oh crap

That’s not great.

I personally hope to adapt my taste buds to simple food. Hope it don’t taste like shitt my whole life!!

Really, breast fed is best fed. I hope to change my attitude, too. But, deprivation is deprivation. Can’t really change it.

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True, it is what it is

Things have happened, but I have no choice really to accept it for what it is and make the best with the rest of the time

Deprivation is deprivation.

And also hope is hope :crazy_face:

But also struggle is struggle

I think cow’s milk just lacks appeal to a baby.

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Yea they do say the mothers milk increases a baby’s immune system.

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Yes, there are numerous health benefits. Adopted kids also lose out about this.

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The science behind breastfeeding is not strong. It likely isn’t that important compared to good formula.

I think it makes people more sociable if breast fed. They aren’t so needy about a Linus’s blanket, can let them go easier.

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