Did a person named Mary ever make you nervous?

Just wondered because I don’t know why but people named Mary make me nervous at first. Once I get to know them, it’s ok.

I have never met a Mary, but I went to school with some Marias though. One of them was really mean.

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Maybe, I’m thinking marry.

My sister is named Mary and she is very rude. :slight_smile:

The scandiavian word for ‘married’ is the same word we use for ‘poison’, so I already have some nervous associations with it :joy:

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I was calling a beautiful girl named Mary on the phone in high school. I didn’t ask her out, but we did talk a lot. It was nice. That’s the only Mary I have had experience with.

Mary was also a very common name in my country a few decades ago.

Actually I did. My boyfriend’s girlfriend didn’t really like me. She looked a little like Poldark’s wife. I mean my boyfriend’s best friend’s girlfriend.

The only Mary that makes me nervous is Mary Jane. That temptress should not be trusted. And sometimes the Virgin Mary when my religious delusions act up.


My mom was named Mary but she didn’t like her name and insisted that she be called Mary Jane or Jane. She was a single mom and somewhat abusive with me.

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Don’t remember, but the Internet tells me to avoid Karens for some reason lol.

Not me, but there are two Marys who have made my mother nervous.

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