Did a lie ever fly out of your mouth before you'd thought about it?

I lied once - told a guy I was pregnant - thought I could get him to marry me. STUPID


Yikes… @chordy

We all say/make dumb decisions at some point in our lives though.

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I would have really been in a jamb if he had actually married me and found no pregnancy!


LOL definitely😂

Oh you were one of those girls, at least you didn’t do the other girl thing where you stop taking your birth control, lie to the guy and say you’re on it get pregnant to trap the guy, those are the worst.

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I had a fly come out of my mouth once. He musta lied down for a nap in there.



Like I said, it wasn’t even a decision. It just popped out of my mouth. When I was 14, I thought I was pregnant for no reason. It was a big effort to convince myself that I wasn’t.

Don’t be insulted bit it all sounds like the world of the devil.

I never thought of that. But I do think at 14, it was the beginning of my mental problems.

I bet if he would have married you the truth would have eventually came out.

I pretty much lied non-stop before sobering up.

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Being a divorced man, he was probably a little wiser than I about such things.

During my days as a drug addict I had to cover my tracks a lot of the time as to what I was doing, and who I was doing it with, and where I was doing it. I don’t think I said anything that was the truth for four years.

am i the only one who has lied more than once in my life lol!!!


The unpleasant side to it is that, underneath all the lies is a lot of anger, even rage…

um no, imfine thankyou

though you are sort of right


i used to lie more than i wanted to

and right now i am ironically in a better place eventhough on aps when that is not the case


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When what is not the case? I didn’t quite understand you.

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this is not the case anymore, :slight_smile:

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in the fridge!

Ok that was a lie.

I have a baby pickle

In the fridge.

Ok that was a lie too

I have no pickles :sob::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The Fibbing Turtle.



I can’t think of any concrete examples, but I did this occasionally when I was growing up. Mostly to get out of work I think, nothing too crazy.

Even so, getting caught out in a lie is a bit hard going, so after it happened a few times I stopped lying it as much as I could.

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