Did a 10 min workout

As some of you know I’m trying to lose weight! What none of ya know is I go on an app on my roku called daily burn and do workouts! This is my second time getting on there and working out! Today I did a 10 min workout at home!


I don’t workout I am skinny from my metabolism ! Good luck 10 minutes is a little low I took ju jitsu for an hour and a half but it’s a good start. I got kicked out of ju jitsu for reeking like smoke but I will join again once they open!

@matthewj. I’m a beginner on working out and I have a slow metabolism (yes I was tested for it) so I know I need to do more but I’m having trouble even keeping up with the 10 min

You gotta push yourself more and more 30 minutes is good work your way up to 30. If you could lifting weights is great

My point is that 10 is not gonna do as much as an hour or 30 minutes!

Good going @Twialine

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That’s great @Twialine . It takes so much effort to start these things.

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That’s awesome! I have a roku too, but I didn’t know it had workout apps on it.

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@HitandMiss. They do but you gotta pay for it

That’s awesome. Good for you for doing it.

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Good going Twialine, I’m rooting for you. I want to lose too, though I probably gained a kg or two today!

Yes ten minutes is not bad. They say that doing just ten minutes regularly of exercise can make a difference.

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For real? Thats weird.

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I do a 15-20 minute weight lifting workout. I always start at the :00 time of the clock so for example if I were to do chest at 06:00 in the morning it would be:

Exercise 1 - Bench Press
06:00 Set 1 (9 repetitions of 185lbs)
06:03 Set 2 (9 repetitions of 185lbs)
06:06 Set 3 (9 repetitions of 185lbs)
Exercise 2 - Incline Press
06:09 Set 1 (9 repetitions of 135lbs)
06:12 Set 2 (9 repetitions of 135lbs)
06:15 Set 3 (9 repetitions of 135lbs)

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