Dialectical nature of sz

One of the ways I was thinking when psychotic was that sz was involved in a dialectical process in between dialectics and dialectical materialism. My thinking was all over the place at the time but now looking back and can reflect on it the thought was something like the things sz represents are antithetical to what society is basically founded on and in particular what health science is based on. My thinking at the time was more of a physics type reasoning and was contributing to my behavior and was the distorted lens i was using to observe the world. Si basically dialectics is an argument between two opposing viewpoints to establish truth and the materialist form is the objective reality of matter gives rise ti certain ideas that cause natural conflicts and social process. So society nurtures the mind to make sense through meaningful sentences ,to be rational, to be organized, to have good hygiene and fashion sense, to be civilized , to have a purposeful set of mental skills, to intetact well with others anyway the list goes on. So my thinking was that this difference resulted in a material conflict because the material reality of sz namely disordered biology give rise to these confluctual ideas. Anyway my perception was closer to physics than dialogue but i still think there is something dialectical about it namely in the way people react to sz almost criminalizing it or opposing it like a kind of anarchistic political viewpoint.

I think marx’s dialectics is very profound.
It originally came from Hegel.

I think its a very clever idea or set of ideas. If true the process is still ongoing afterall communism has proven to not be a practical governing philosophy but workers unions still exist worldwide and socialism is in practice in many countries atleast in part mixed with capitalism. However marx didnt invent socialism or workers unions basically just thought of the process and philosophy behind their inevitable rise

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