Diagnosis problems

So i have not been diagnosed with schizophrenia. The last pdoc said it doesnt sound like schizophrenia since i have a great deal of insight and dont have disorganized thoughts/speach. Today i went to another psychiatrist and he said the same thing. He said we have to do a set of examination ( prolactin, hormones, eeg, nmr etc) and come back in a week
I liked him way more than the last psychiatrist. The last pne had no emption, and there was also no contact with him. If i was having problems, my mom couldnt call him or anything cause he wouldnt answer and he wouldnt call back. The new one seems as if he really cares and he is really nice. But thats not inportant.
Im getting really anxious. Do they all think im making this up? Or do they want me to suffer and not give me meds ? Ugh i want this to at least have a name, i hate being in the gray zone.

The docs are not trying to make you suffer, I’m sure they don’t think your making this up. I have a feeling they want to see if you really need these hard core med before they put you on them. If your having a combination of symptoms that looks like SZ but is really something else, then putting you on some of these hard core AP’s won’t help. Just the other day there was an article like this…


So they want to make sure they are on the right track before they give you meds that can lower your white blood cells, start the onset of diabetes, cause weight gain…

I know it sucks and your suffering, but patience now could save you more serious health problems in future.

I’m rooting for you

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But then again they put me on risperdal and it did help for some time :confused: idk everything just sucks now.

I bet it does. It’s hard being up in the air and just wanting to get back to stable ground. I know it’s hard to be patient when you had that foot hold on solid ground for a while.

But a misdiagnosis won’t really help. Hopefully you, your Mom and your doc will find a middle spot to where you can feel better and they can figure out what is going on with you for the long run.

Some of my docs in my life jumped to a diagnosis that was completely incorrect. So that was time, energy, money and pills wasted and lost. While I go worse and worse.

Relief will come. Be honest with your Mom and don’t hold back what is happening to you and then she can go to bat for you as well. I’m sorry, I don’t know if your 18 or over. If not, you need your Mom to advocate for you. If you are 18, I’d still be open with your Mom, but you can journal what is happening and let the doc know that you are not feeling well at all.

The lther problem why they dont want to diagnose is bevouse im only 14, 15 this year. I wpuld love to be open with my mom but many times she thinks im making things up and that im trying to get attention and bring my parents back together. She also is under alot of stress from all of this. I was really honest with the doc but didnt tell him everything becouse my mom went in with me cause i was scared hes part of the pedophile group that for some reason im scared of ( although im pretty shure that its onlt a delusion ). Next time im gonna go in alone.

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The doc’s didn’t want to slap that big label on me at 14 either, so they skirted around for a while. Plus, with puberty hitting and bodies changing and brains naturally re-wiring, I think they were hoping that I would either pull out of it, or grow out of it, or end up with a lesser spectrum as I grew.

So at 14 and 15 I understand they are being cautious. It doesn’t help you feel better, but going in alone and having an earnest talk with someone who can maybe get through to your Mom for you will be a good step. If you have your Mom on your side, then you can get access to the help you need.

Well i shure do hope i grow up of it although i doubt it. When were you officially diagnosed?

I hate to say this, but there are a lot of mental health professionals. especially therapists who do not know enough about schizophrenia and similar disorders to truly give out a valid diagnosis. My therapist as an example thinks that just because I am not licking the walls and talking in a word salad I must not have schizophrenia. Most mental health professionals see schizophrenics at their worst in hospital settings - they are not sufficiently trained to deal with schizophrenia. My psychiatrist on the other hand, is a pro, she knows that there are different degrees and stages of sz functioning. I would not get hung up on the diagnosis - the meds you are taking is what is really important. If they are working thats all that really counts. Psychiatric diagnosis is one big grey area

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Wave is so right on this one…

I once had to see my doc when I was at my best so he would know the difference. :wink:

But I was officially diagnosed when I was 17, I was hospitalized and well out of my head. I was licking the walls, talking word salad and was trying to figure out the big green moat… aka the lawn.

After I got well, then my diagnosis kept changing around a bit but finally it was Undifferentiated Sz.


I was diagnosed at 18 in hospital when I had my first breakdown, and after that I was in hospital twice more before going into remission for several years. In 2012 when I was 28 I relapsed and had to see the psychiatrist again. But then I was diagnosed Bipolar by two psychiatrists. It was only when I landed up in hospital the following year that I was observed and analysed and my past history taken into account. Then I was diagnosed with SZ again, so that’s my official diagnosis.
What I want to say is that it takes time to get a diagnosis confirmed, sometimes even a number of years of trial and error.

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I think thats very important - its great to have a doctor that actually cares and is nice.

on the Diagnosis side - its common for doctors not to want to give a diagnosis for a long time. Symptoms come and go and so it frequently takes a while for doctors to see it all and for them to make a diagnosis.

Even then - its very common for a diagnosis to change as they learn more and your symptoms change. Generally its not a good idea to get too hung up on the diagnosis - the important thing is to get help and treatment for the symptoms. They don’t need a diagnosis to treat your symptoms. Just be clear to them that you need help with the symptoms that are bothering you the most.

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Ah - no wonder they don’t want to give you a diagnosis. Your brain still has a long way to grow and change so a diagnosis is not at all something that is that required at this age. I would bet that it might be 3 to 5 years before they give you a diagnosis - by that time you could be entirely fine and not need a diagnosis.

You’re still very young - don’t worry about a diagnosis and just focus on getting well - which may mean medication(s) and therapy.

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Isn’t schizophrenia supposedly a very heterogeneous disorder. Ie some will have a lot of paranoia and minimal,if any, disorganised symptoms,others a lot of disorganised symptoms but minimal if any paranoia, and a third group will get sizeable amounts of both.

You may still be in the range of a chemical imbalance. Try to get decent amounts of sleep and stay off of drugs. Maybe taking a fish oil, multivitamins, or what the can 5 HTP its basically a pill of seratonin. There are several remedies available for schizophrenia that dont require a prescription, they may help you in the meantime. Or you can always tell the doc you think people are reading your mind.

Well of course i will tell the doc about the delusions i sometimes embrace. I just didnt want to reveal that by my mom.

And i have to say i also hope its just growing up. I dont want to live like this, i dont think i will be able to.

I am taking vitamins but havent tried the 5htp although i heard alot about it. Doesnt it work only for a short while?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: