Diagnosis keeps changing, new here, hello.

howdy there Taylor and welcome to the forum.

Hope you will find good help and support here.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you get the support you’re looking for. I have Schizophrenia and Depression, but like you, my diagnosis had been a little tentative at first. They were initially looking at Psychotic Depression but once my depressive symptoms left and my psychotic symptoms didn’t, it became obvious i had a mood disorder and a psychotic disorder.

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I was originally diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. But my diagnosis changed to bipolar and has also changed to schizophrenia. My diagnosis has been schizophrenia for a few years now. I understand the frustration. It could be a difference of opinion perhaps between doctors.


I’ve been diagnosed as literally everything out of the dsm. The good thing is meds overlap with most symptoms.

So just take what your doc gives u and dont worry to much about the label. Trial and error with meds is the only option. If one works, with min side effects, I recommend staying on it

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I am trying to make changes in my life to make it less stressful, my mum is now my power of attorney so all my money goes to her and she has to help me with bills ect as I’ve found things like that really stress me out more. I need to try make more changes to make it more stress free. Hugs

Hey, thank you. Im sorry you struggle with OCD as well. I find the cross over can be quite hard with both ocd and sz. Yes always up for chatting about it, feel free to pm and we can talk :slight_smile:

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I got told it can be from drugs? not sure how much for that is true, but I have never taken drugs in my life. They never gave me an explanation, it was just on paper.

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I have made several complaints to PALS in the past, I’ve had meetings with the head of the department of the services I use, one person got fired as she was really rude to me, but apart from that nothing else has changed. I mean I am now waiting therapy, but its more the fact they have a new doctor all the time so there is no time for a relationship to be built up. I think if it carries on and I am still not getting the right help I will go back to PALS. Thank you!

Hi and welcome! I also had different diagnoses. First bipolar then schizoaffective then schizophrenia then borderline and schizophrenia, and now clarified for me as schizoaffective which makes the most sense.

Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you need an antidepressant because you sounded defeated and depressed. Can you talk to your new pdoc (psychiatrist) about it? The diagnosis doesn’t matter as much as the treatment. If they can get you stable that’s the most important thing.

My diagnosis started as major depression, to Bipolar II, to Bipolar I w/ psychosis, then to Schizoaffective disorder (Bipolar type). I have had the SZA diagnosis for awhile now. I am on clozapine as all other medications failed me.

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