Diagnosis is a crap shoot

I was originally diagnosed with schizophrenia first and then switched to schizoaffective for over 20 years with a few suggestions of bipolar. Of course now I’m off the mood stabilisers and part of the paranoid personality brigade. When they took me off meds for a year in 2005 the pdoc said he wouldn’t put me on an antidepressant by itself because of possible mood changes( you don’t have bipolar mood problems but just in case we’ll hedge our bets). I think the risperdal I’m on is supposed to treat a variety of symptoms across diagnoses, though primarily indicated for schizophrenia.
Diagnosis is a crap shoot with the dice often weighted by the subjectivity of the pdoc re how much emphasis is placed on a symptom.
A part of me succumbs to the human need to belong to a group but another part of me knows diagnoses can’t account for the uniqueness of individuals.
Very few of us fit neatly/perfectly into a DSM/ICD diagnosis – most of us are mongrels not pedigrees.


That is very well put. :smile:

I like that idea.


I like the idea too - “most of us are mongrels not pedigrees” well put @firemonkey

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True! You can’t put anyone in a box.

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I think it’s the whole, “when you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail” problem, and then some. I fit the DX for SZ then and I do now, but the docs were waaaaaaay off in terms of giving me a poor prognosis for recovery. I think there are a lot of SZs living substandard lives simply as a result of being mislabeled in terms of growth capability.


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humans arent cans of soup anyway and they only guess about half the stuff as far as mental disorders reality is they havent prove what causes it yet

Dissident! Dissident!

Of course it’s been proven…now shut up and do what the pharmaceutical industry says to do :wink:

Take yo meds and pay no mind to the little man behind the curtain.

(sorry gotta take a jab in jest every now and again if only to make sure I’m not falling in line or anything :smile:)