Diagnosis changed- Asperger's

I found out that whta is causing my issues is Asperger’s syndrome ,in a very bad form, which caused my socialization issues and hatred( not really, just don’t like their company) of people and, like evrything, from not understanding things and taking them literally to not being able to look at people in their eyes to completly everything.
But one thing I can- talking online, with no eye contact or such.
Still searching for other unclarities and other uncertain diagnosis, but, for now on, the news is great.
Looking forward to talk to other people with the same experiences.


I recommend https://wrongplanet.net/forums/

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Hi! Nice to meet a fellow aspie. If you need anything message me! ASD varies person to person, so generally the people you talk to will have different issues.

For example I can make eye contact with people (shitty none the less) but I can’t be around bright lights without getting overstimulated and having a melt down.

Feel free to talk to me whenever, we can compare symptoms or talk about coping strategies.


I’ll force myself to make eye contact but don’t really like it. Sometimes I think maybe I’m overcompensating and going into staring mode.

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