Diagnosing ADHD in adults

Hey daze glad youre back

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Hi, how ya doing?

Did your situation settle down with the bullying?

Oh that was a bunch of crap, i wasnt in my right mind at all. it wasnt even bullying.

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whats up with u

Actually, that is a sign that it WAS bullying because others will treat it like no big deal, or convince you it’s your problem. I’m sorry that was such a setback for you, and I hope we helped you through it.

Just getting ready to go out for the afternoon and early evening.

And I’m cooking, and trying to clean, but can’t motivate myself.

maybe youre right. you guys did help.

i also have trouble with motivating myself, like i haven’t done my physcial therapy exercises in two weeks but im supposed to do them every day. who cares.