Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrena

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, I got laid off my job.

I am experiencing severe stress and insomnia. how to cope?

I have delusions and cant sleep and my behavior is odd.

how do you cope ?


Welcome! :slight_smile:

Are you on meds?

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Welcome to the forum! When were you diagnosed? A long time ago or just recently? Are you on any meds?

My meds were the only thing that helped with my paranoid delusions. That or avoiding the people that triggered it. But my family triggered me the most, so I couldn’t really avoid them.

For the anxiety, besides the meds, I tried to avoid people during the days when it was really bad. Probably a bad idea. I do still avoid specific things that trigger me (like waiting in lines, loud noises, etc).

For the sleep, I usually have a whole ritual around sleep. I get ready for bed, then read in bed for about 15min. I used to have to stop things like watching TV, playing games, doing work/schoolwork 2 hours before bed and just read. These days I can watch TV or play a game that is calm up to 1 hour before bed.

In general, I have found that the most helpful things besides taking my meds are drawing and keeping a journal. I draw how I feel and write about my issues in my journal. It allows me to “talk” to someone and that helps. Even if I am really just talking to myself.

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