Diagnosed shortly after both my parentes died

15 years ago they did and the lack of empathy, cognitive and emotional abilities which resulted in that they during cercumstances like these decided to give me a lable which as expected had a negative impact on my will to survive have resulted in a negative attitude towards psychiatry…

I think it’s important in those circumstances to kind of be looked after by someone else, either aunts and uncles, or close friends.

Psychiatry can be brutal at times, but I hope you are feeling more and more healthy because of it.

How old were you when they died if I may ask?

Hi Daze and Dreamscape, sorry to respond like this, but being diagnosed and treated did not help me. I gave them and the treatments they offered 10 years of my life… How old? About 30

I’ve given them nearly 20, and I feel it has helped me from suicide and hearing voices. That’s the main things.

Yes, external support is necessary too, and I hope you will find it in others. You are not alone.

It is nice to be participating in a forum like this. In time, now without the drugs they gave me, I may gradually improve the ability to express myself in english without the effort it previously took to write a few words. I have a simple job and 12 years ago I found my soalmate… I have many friends who have been helped, but I can not due to my experience share their positive attitude towards psychiatry

However this does not automatically result in that I dislike the people who in my experience lack the tools they need to help me or that I think it is all harmfull for me to still occasionally be in touch with psychiatry

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After my mother died, the psychiatrists came and said that even if I didnt hear any voices, no positive symptoms, I had negative symptoms. I guess they labelled my grief negative symptoms. Further they told me to appreciate my father for giving me a roof in my childhood. I thought lack of that was called child neglect.

Psychiatry in my experience has been completely heartless. IMO IMO

No doubt this is sometimes the case

sorry that happened.
but try not to let the death of your parents…i know it is hard, interfere with your whole life.
one moment or one daignoses should not define us.
hamster :hamster: hug.
take care :alien:

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