Diagnosed later

Anyone diagnosed later in life? I always knew something wasn’t right, but I was reluctant to open up to my therapist. I saw her for two and a half years before I opened up. I was just diagnosed at 31. I’m female if that gives any insight.

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After three hospitalizations, one for 13 years, I got my own diagnosis at 38. My getting a diagnosis for myself was due to my mother’s controlling my situation, esp. with money.

I’m male, and I was diagnosed sz at about 32. I’d spent a year in a psychiatric hospital when I was 28, but back then my diagnosis was “major depression with psychotic features”. Now I’m 56, and I am still taking AP med’s.

I too was hospitalized 3 times a few years ago. My diagnosis was always bipolar, but I never had symptoms of bipolar and I kept telling them that. I don’t have super human highs, mood swings, promiscuity…but I am prone to deep depression.

@martinhersey1 I hope things are more settled now. That seems like a terrible ordeal.

I WAS diagnosed at 20 with schizoaffective disorder i am 33 now and in remission 5 years as in no syptoms

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I was diagnosed at 28 with paranoid schizophrenia. I didn’t feel comfortable opening up I didn’t trust anyone

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Diagnosed at 27, paranoid sz.

I was dx at 34. I’ve sought treatment for “something not quite right” for years. I think a later in life dx is more common than we think.

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