Diabetes cure bioegineered


That’s crazy. Alzheimer’s cure next? I worry my dad is showing VERY early signs of Alzheimer’s… it runs on his side of my family. But back to diabetes. That’s insane news… feel bad for the ppl constantly getting injections esp when it’s a genetic or predicamental thing and not a lifestyle thing.

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I remember this basketball Adam Morrison player for gonzaga. Skinny as a twig. Had diabetes. He was a hell of a college player. People called him the next great white hope. But he busted in the NBA. Still got two rings tho with the lakers. But he would have to get insulin on the bench during games. ■■■■ must’ve sucked.

Well that’s good news.
Any progress is good relative to diseases.
Although it doesn’t necessarily bode well for schizophrenics since the 2 diseases are very far apart.

I have med induced type 2 diabetes. I think it is very relevant…

Let’s face it the meds make you fat, slow metabolism and interfere with the natural chemistry. If you take meds then the chances of developing diabetes is increased.

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I doubt I’ll get diabetes cuz my bmi is like 26-27 but even abilify which is supposedly weight neutral…I was soooo skinny when I was 20. Then again I was slightly anorexic. But even abilify has made me gain some weight…it was a healthy weight gain. But I pace all day and I’m still like 170 and I’m pretty short. I wouldn’t wanna lose weight but wouldn’t wanna gain weight either… I’m comfortable. But abilify has made me fill out. Some of the weight gain was from aging and stop being anorexic. But gained some cuz of the med too.

Give it ten years and you’ll see, unfortunately…

There are cases of comorbidity and I already said that it’s good news.
However, I stick with my position that the fact that diabetes can be cured is not related to the curability of schizophrenia since the mechanisms of the diseases are very different.
Not all medications are the same.
For example brexpiprazole approved in the US in 2015 is considered super safe.
Further there are lots of schizophrenics who don’t take medications at all.

No sir I pace 7 miles a day according to my phone… I’ve been at the same weight for multiple years now. Abilify is not the same for everyone but has minimist weight gain compare to other meds. Don’t be a negative Nancy plz.

Most my weight gain was from clozaril. Gained 30 lbs ina month. Never lost that weight. But now that I think. I’ve barely gained weight on abilify after the initial 15 lbs. prolly cuz I pace all day long.

Plus I’m on the smallest dose for sz.

How old are you lsbratmat?

44 going on 45 in a few months.

You’ve been taking atypicals for a long time? I’m 40 and been on them on and off for 15 years. Had some weight issues but so far no diabetes

Good luck with that. I lasted 12 years fully compliant before it developed and am only slightly overweight.

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What’s it do to you? How did it start?

i watch my diet, avoid all sugar but have fruit. I just get jittery and on edge physically when I have a low and just have fruit to pick me up until I can eat a meal. I don’t have any bananas because it screws up my program and guaranteed to have high/low later that day.

It just started. I craved physically sweet things to stop me being physically ill. It’s like having no energy and desperately needing something to pick you up but in extremity.