Devil is riding you like a vehicle

Devil is here.
He is my rider.

Your foot tracks are full of snow.

Big natures are “borderline self-roots”.

They keep naming things
as “borderline self-roots”.
μεταιχμιακή ιδιόρριζα

Am I an instrument in devil’s hands?

Sun is crazy,
Sun is psychotic,
Sun is an one eyed whore

Sun is Lucifer’s plaything

Just yesterday i had my haldol shot.
It hasn’t kicked in yet, i guess

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I’m sorry you’re struggling. After these the things you voices are saying?

Some are ideas, some are voices.
They all come together.

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I will go out with friends for coffee and maybe food.
Devil is chasing me. I hope i will get distracted

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That sounds nice. I miss my friend since we moved. Yesterday was her birthday.

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Do you see her often?

I used to. But I moved across the country a year ago. It’s a 6 hour plane ride to get to her now.

I don’t have any friends here yet since we’ve been in quarantine the whole time I’ve lived here.

Hopefully soon, though.


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