Developing bad habbits

I take 20mg benzos per day and drink like 3-4 coffees to get back up… Is a bad combo?

For a while the first thing I did in the morning was take 40 mini thins (i.e. ephedrine) and drink five cups of cold coffee. I finally got off the ephedrine, and I decided it would be cheaper and easier just to take caffeine pills.

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I take Benzodiazepines to chill me

20 mgs is a decent habit. I had a gran mal coming off of about 3-5 mgs of xanax. I think you answered your own question!

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Is hard to come off benzos?

Maybe you wouldn’t need so much benzo if you redued your caffeine intake.
Caffeine can give racing thoughts, restlessness, anxiety, and make it generally harder to relax.

I limint myself to two cups a day, and I only take them when I need to be alert, like at school.
Thay way, the effects have tapered off when I get home, and I can rest if I want to.

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I read this as bad Hobbits. Lol. I think you need to do whatever to feel better. No ill effects. No problem. :slight_smile:

I will take my lovely benzos. Next week I’ll get xanax

Is wanking a bad habit?

I think yes :smile:

Well I’m guilty as charged then

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I’m sorry, me too :slight_smile:

do not help yourself to the ■■■■■■■ man. just live a normal life and in crisis call on the assistance.

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