Developing a severe caffeine problem

It started because it helped with some of the deliriousness I felt most of the time, I also sleep during the day and stay up all night, spend most of my time at the local waffle house. They don’t even charge me for coffee anymore, some nights i’ll go through 12 cups of coffee

Kinda scared of cutting back at this point

12!!! I thought I drank too much at 4 a day!! I think a good amount is 3 large cups a day. One for breakfast. One for lunch. And one after dinner

I have gone from a jar of instant a day to maybe one tea and two diet cokes. Feel better for it but it wasn’t easy. Pretty much had withdrawal symptoms.

The plan is to start drinking just enough to sate the withdrawal symptoms

Sounds like a good idea. Do you like tea? I found this provided just enough caffeine to stop the “rattling” but didn’t get me jacked up like coffee.

I like tea, but it’s a pain in the ass

Know what you mean - letting it brew and all that. I was very frustrated with it at first but the brewing process became a little ritual - I look forward to it now.

I sometimes drink three monsters and a couple cups of coffee.