Developed countries are backwards when it comes to birth control?

Today I learned that women in the USA had to go to a doctor and a prescription to get on birth control pills, which was surprising to me. After more research it turns out that most western countries require prescription for birth control pills while it is commonly sold over the counter in most of the rest of the world.

This is shocking to me and seems very backwards. I could see this in the 1950’s but in 2015? WTF?

Linked below is a map showing the birth control status around the world.

I don’t think this is backward, people may misuse the pills without prescription or prior screening.

That is not backward. Estrogen can cause a stroke in a percentage of people, and progesterone only works if you take it at the exact same time every day. Both of those things require a doctor’s instruction/screening. Check the birth rates of countries who require a prescription vs ones that don’t.

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Do you not think that most women are not informed enough to make these decisions on their own? It seems to me a brief discussion with the pharmacist about the risks associated with birth control pills and detailed instructions would be enough for your average person.

No. In fact, most GPs don’t know that women who experience migraines with auras can have a stroke on estrogen. I had to go to an OBGYN to find that out.

Not to mention, most forms of birth control (all except pills and the patch) require insertion or injection, usually done by a nurse.

Interesting. I’m very ignorant about the topic in general.

Well I imagine it’s not a topic you come across much in your day-to-day life.

Worse, Planned Parenthood will not give that RV until woman has paid for $150 test that has been medically proven to be useless…Planned Parenthood does not take Medicaid any longer and have to pay cash/credit to get starter pills ($150 useless testing $100+ for year of pills)…Not even serving the poor blacks any longer at controversial Planned Parenthood, is only the b—y call clinic for college girls with credit cards.

Everytime that poor lady doesn’t have money to get testing for a week & has to go without birth control, she get’s a new kid name from accidental baby. Govt won’t fix these ladies with tubal ligation even if the govt has paid for 3+ kids to deal with poverty in humane way, Catholic Hospitals just keep the babies coming for the poor and won’t allow tubals to be done in their hospitals.

Lots of stuff in US is BS anyway…See something you don’t like would not speak up, lots won’t speak up for fear worse will happen. Just leave and keep quiet when you see something stupid because there is something worse behind it, only think US will be moving farther behind keeping the sickos entertained instead of giving all good jobs to foreign exchange students and forcing all the US 20-somethings into servant jobs at fast food.

Go to church and meet some of the most messed up people & situations you could ever believe sometimes. Say anything and threats are made…The atheists are better group but try to skip churches in some city and you get ruined, plus fired if you don’t pay 10% tithe to keep area’s trouble makers away, just like old mafia – you have to pay fee to do business. Screw people and you will be fine, choose ethics and get screwed.

Just watch the propaganda videos from govt & line up & gush. Starts to look like Korea here too, they all cheer when the ruler addresses his people.

Just waiting to see what exactly ‘going to hell’ means.

I don’t think most people are informed enough to do much of anything and they don’t even know it. I’ve had people throw out truly ignorant arguments they actually believed from 30 seconds of pseudo experience they had towards a topic related to the field of audio engineering that I have 16 years of experience in (including professionally) and I can safely say these people are dumb. This happens constantly in every body of knowledge with most people though.

Like come back to me when you can tell me in great detail how an NES soundchip works for example and I don’t know something you said already and then I might believe you when you say MIDI is complete crap because you think it’s a crappy song format when really it’s your fault you bought a computer with a bad sound card that provided the instruments for the music it plays. Oh and MID files aren’t MIDI and MIDI is a communications protocol actually and MID files aren’t even intended to be listened to, only to transfer note data between devices. And you should really be embarrassed that you thought a 12kb MID file of a song that is probably like 5.5mb in MP3 format is going to even be a file with audio recording data in it like the MP3. NES sound hardware is not even by far my main area of expertise either.

If you wiped out the people who probably should not have children due to their economic state with effective birth control then you’d have lawyers picking up the trash before heading off to work. It’s not a good situation overall but it’s not completely terrible if you think about it. I often wish I was still able to do the low paying jobs I used to do because it gave me a purpose in life. There was once a guy who addressed our senior graduating class who said he was very satisfied to be a janitor. Of course they were selling the idea that many of us would not go very far in life but from personal experiences I know that I was in better physical shape doing a laborious job than sitting in an office. Of course I was younger and the body tends to go before the mind which brings misery to many who are physically unable to work but whose circumstances like still having kids to support force them to continue. There are many angles to the issue.

Absolutely none of that is true. The only reason PP doesn’t take Medicaid anymore is because Obama started Affordable Family Planning, which now covers the cost of all birth control and STD testing for any woman who makes less than $2,250 a month with no dependents. The cutoff is higher for each dependent the woman has. That is way higher than the cutoff for Medicaid, which means more women are covered. And the reason the government isn’t forcing people to be sterilized is because that is illegal as Hell. If a woman wants a 10 year IUD though, that is totally free. The testing done before birth control is, once again, to determine if the woman has any medical conditions that would make certain types of birth control dangerous for her. And it is totally free to anyone making less than $2,250 a month.

Wherever you got your information from, you shouldn’t trust it as an information source any longer.


I think I heard somewhere that Medicaid will pay for Viagra for men, but not birth control for women. I’m no feminist, but that is obviously sexist. I think birth control should be available to all those who want to take it. They tell teenage girls just to abstain, but they say nothing about their boyfriends who pressure them into sex.

See my above comments. This thread is why men shouldn’t be making health care decisions for women unless they are doctors.

This is all regional I think. Each state has different director for Planned Parenthood… Like local office doesn’t handle abortion but some Planned Parenthoods do handle abortion.

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