Devastated and hurt. How can I move on?

I feel pretty devastated. Something hurtful was said to me by a loved one (“You always/only focus on the negative”).

Now I feel like I’m a bad person who feeds on negativity. That’s not how I viewed myself or what I value in life. I thought I had been actively pursuing a positive life path but I guess I have failed.

How can I move on from this? :slightly_frowning_face:


Don’t let certain words define you. I think you do a great job given your adversities.


A positive person lets his / her actions speak and doesn’t let anyone bring them down with deprecating remarks.

It’s often insecure people who project their own shortcomings or expectations of themselves on others.

Sorry this was said to you by a loved one. Don’t resent them for it. Be the bigger man.


It’s not that bad. It’s just a negative remark.

I’ve been called a serial killer for having sz. That’s a meaner remark.

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Here you go hope it helps !

I just got to know that the travelled distance is also greater.

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