Deteriorating in Some ways?

I haven’t been active in a while. I thought I was getting better. And I was in some ways. But I think I might be deteriorating in another way?? While my hallucinaitons are under control and brought to a minimum, my thoughts are completely screwed. I’m having a really hard time writing and typing and forming coherent sentences as compared to before. But this is something that has progressed just in this year. I am dissociating more, a couple days ago I thought I was tripping on acid because I was feeling so strange with no reason.
I don’t really know if it’s possible for only one aspect to get worse over time when the more positive symptoms have reduced?

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Did you ever look into injections rather than oral meds because of your stomach? Same goes how’d you go with looking for a therapist? I posted else where asking on if you ever got disability sorted also.

Sorry for the Spanish inquisition ie all the question on your return. I hope things start improving fast for you.

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Have not on injections. My doctor is under the impression that if he fixes my stomach first then we can focus again on mind meds. I think its okay that way. I don’t think I’m really debiltated by sz. if anything my thought processing is worse but nothing else. I haven’t seen a therapist in months due to being bedridden. Its hard to move around.
and it’s fine I am impressed with your memory!

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This happens to me as well. I feel like my IQ has been halved. So frustrating.


Hello. Could it be a side effect to any medicines your taking? I’ve had similer issues to you since I started taking medication. I just wrote it off as side effects.

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I am taking hydrocodone, klonopin, and Lamotrigine. Well I haven’t really been taking the lamotrigine because it made me really sick. I need to give it another shot though, so I will try it one more time. I would think my deterioration started in the last six months. and I can’t think of it being caused by medication because the medicines i am taking now have been taken only in the past four months.

Ohh ok. Well hopefully its just a temporary thing and doesnt get worse. It could be negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

Seems like it. I took my lamotrigine a little over an hour ago and i feel more focused. im still making errors in writing. but not such a scattered mindset.

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I doubt that the stomach problems are related to the Lamictal. But I will push out a Jackson on the hydrocodone… because opioids are notorious for doing that.

What is your dx, btw? I don’t see an anti-P on the list.

Not that I’m regularly on hydrocodone… but that occasional occasion where tooth pain or a broken bones leaves me with a prescription, try taking them with food. lots of food. If that doesn’t help I’ve also resorted to breaking them in pieces and taking little bits at a time over time.

Er… the only diagnoses I have is schizophrenia and gastroparesis.
I am weening off the hydrocodone since its been many months on it. but it never actually caused that reaction. I think now it was just a random gastroparesis flare. and i was paranoid it was the lamotrigine. not likely to be caused by any of my medications.

yes i’ve been taking it for many months now but the “nausea” it gives me is not like the gastroparesis. I can tell the difference because gastroparesis nausea is much more severe and usually accompanied by vomiting and pain.

Thank you both for the concern. I am still taking the lamotrigine. Everything is fine now. No more crazy gastro flares :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m on lamictal too. No side effects though. I was worried when I started it that my skin would melt off. :imp:

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I was worried when I started on the antiPs that my eyeballs would pop out

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