Destined to not suffer

i am trying. since my cancer treatment has begun i feel mentally pretty well. isn’t it strange?

but i am trying a positive twist on it – i feel i have to live and live well and not do the suffering thing.

wishing all of you wellness only not via disease diagnoses.

love ya, judy :heart_eyes::grinning:


wish you receive many blessings from God after this surgery. Take care!


Hang in there. They are doing great things for cancer these days and there’s so many decent outcomes.

So glad your doing well mentally. You don’t need everything at once but hold your head high and keep on keeping on!

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I’m glad you’re not suffering. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. We hope you have a good recovery.

Wishing you a good recovery.

I’m sure everything will go fine. :sunny:

Here’s to successful treatment and speedy recovery! Thanks for the positive vibes!

hi friends. I am at the library during my work break now.

thanks for all your support.

wishing us all a speedy recovery from sz. I believe anything is possible.


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I’ve heard a positive attitude makes the healing faster. you go girl.

thanks much finally. you have no idea how deep into sz i was for years on end but i kept up hope somehow and never gave up. now the pdoc says i am o.k. as in “normie” ok.

it’s been so long i hardly believe him!!!


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