Despite the pills, i found a way to lose weight

So in the last 16 weeks I’ve lost a total of 41 pounds!!! How? Why weight watchers actually… it dose cost money but that’s a tremendous amount for me… I started at 309 and got weighed today and I’m at 268!!! So happy!!!:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


GOOD FOR YOU!!! Love these success stories.


Awesome! 1515666

Yeah my friend is on clozaril and he’s in weight watchers too and it’s working for him.

Awesome!!! Anyway you can get it done is alright. I love success stories too.

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Congratulations! 1515151515


Awesome to read this.

I can not afford weight watchers at the moment but have heard they are affective.

I was on lite n easy a while and loved it.

Whatz that actually…

Awesome! You’re an inspiration for us all.

It’s a point system, like everything has a point value, and ur given an amount of points each day, I’m on 54 points… plus u get cheat points I get 43, and that’s for the whole week, like if I want some ice-cream and I’ve already eaten my points for the day it takes it outta those… some things are free points like some fruits and veggies… it really works plus I use my fit bit to get 10,000 steps each day…


weight watchers is a splendid program…I can’t afford the diet but now I found a diet that is working for me and I’ve lost 25 pounds so far. exercise helps.


Yay congrats!!! It feels amazing to accomplish something!!! I’m so happy for u!!!

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yes dear…I am really really happy for both of us !! I haven’t fit into a 2X shirt since I got sick. wear 38 jeans and at 220.

High five! You’re an inspiration xoxo

Waaaaaw!!! what an amazing job! It takes so much strength and effort!


Congratulations @Itsme! :slight_smile:

Great going @Itsme ! That’s a great success story.

I tried that nutrisystem joke they are always pushing on tv. All it is, regular food in tiny ass servings that is made without any sugar in it. Oh and they want $600 a person for 1 month worth of food! My regular food budget is about half of that and I only eat out 1 day a month. It’s way too much money for me. I tried it for a month and didn’t lose anything. You don’t need fancy expensive food plans to lose weight, it’s a lie. I lost 106lbs in 1 year simply by eating less and only drinking water. You won’t die, you won’t be very happy all year but you will guarantee lose tons of weight fast. The diet company’s want you to think only their plan will work,it’s all a lie. For $6000 I tell you how I did it. No diets are free.

That’s so great!! I’m proud of you. My sister lost weight on weight watchers too. I just went vegetarian to lose weight. I’m counting calories too.

Congrats, Itsme. So pleased for you :grinning: Well done!!