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Sagar Gorijala’s new life starts today.

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October month, 10th day and year 2015.

Indian Standard Time: Around 07:55 AM.

Moved to Recovery.

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life. :wink:


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Thanks for the eternal mod help and thanks for the wink…

By the way Selegiline 5 mg 12 strips costed me exactly 500 rupees, thankfully my Father agreed to give it to me and I did math if I take 25 mg everyday then one strip of 10 tablets would last two days and 12 strips for 24 days and if I take the 20 mg per day then 2 strips will have 20 tablets and 2 strips with 20 mg dosage would last for 5 days and 12 strips will have 120 tablets and daily 20 mg means 4 tablets and would last for 30 days.

120 tablets 5 mg each ---- 25 mg dosage lasts for 24 days

120 tablets 5 mg each ---- 20 mg dosage lasts for 30 days

For every 30 days I need 500 rupees for Selegiline alone.

My Father is always ready for 20 mg Rapid release Olanzapine though.

Any way with you guys in this forum I’m totally at home.

This forum has been like a Virtual home for almost an year or so.

Thanks to one and all.

Thanks a lot.

Good luck Sagar…

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I really need luck…

Without Selegiline I have Depression and Life is horror show.

And, what could be worse?

Surprisingly there is something worse than not having Selegiline,

it’s Olanzapine.

If I don’t have Olanzapine I will be lying on the ground shaking and eventually

in a matter of few days I will end up dead.

Yes, dead. I once tried to remain on Vitamin B3 - Niacin without meds for seven days

and life was horrible … I was kicking air lying on the ground.

We definitely need luck.

Damn, that sounds hardcore.