Describe yourself


Describe yourself in 3 sentences


badass sumbitch


A little bit rock & roll, a little bit rhythm & blues and enough chutzpa to show up for work tomorrow.


On or off meds? (SMILE)




I take medication.
I like diet Pepsi a lot.
I am a regular on an online schizophrenia forum.

  1. Skunk likes :grinning: faces.
  2. Skunk reads a lot.
  3. Skunk doesn’t like :disappointed: faces.


I drink a ton of diet Pepsi my favorite


I’m a little old lady.
I fight with myself.
I live with the hope that the antagonist in my head will leave.


I’m 6’ 2". With eyes of grey. And I’m not much of a dancer!


An overly cerebral computer/video game nerd who needs to get healthy, go out more, run a business, and get married.

Also needs to run a blog or two, and slack less.

Kind of want a cat, too.


I choose urchin-style clothes.
The many side crystal needs dusting.
Do not touch.


Get a cat .You won’t be sorry.


I’m a mom. This is the reason I can’t give up
I love the arts be it poetry or painting or music
I’m a hockey addict


Could the antagonist inside be in a way your mother?


Yes. Though she’s been dead for years, I see her in the mirror. When I chose to be more like my Dad, I let my health go. As mother, I take care of my health but I hate every minute of it.


Rebel without a cause.
Easy going


Intense and relaxed
In a search for my powers and acceptance


Slack less is sort of where I am on the edge of right now.

Someone wrote on this site - stuff every bit of doing things you can in a day. This is true of Sz’s though not for the ‘hearing of voices and delusions or withdrawal deprived.’


Eco friendly hippie wannabe
Budding artist
Muslim values