Describe your ideal movie. Me, Myself, and Aileen

Mine goes something like this:

A mild-mannered black state trooper - ideally played by Chris Rock - reaches breaking point after being ridiculed for years for accepting as his own 3 white kids conceived by his wife out of wedlock. As a consequence he develops a rare form of late onset DID. However, as he prepares to take revenge on the whole community he makes an astounding discovery: he’s lived his entire life in a giant television studio. Everyone he knows is an actor. It’s then when he hatches an escape plan.

He starts taking steroids and working out. His diligence quickly pay off. In two weeks his physique has undergone such transformation that Chris Rock is summarily dismissed and replaced by “The Rock”. (a decision unanimously approved by focus groups).

He escapes to freedom aboard a canoe two sizes too small.

The last we hear of him he’s taking his seat aboard a plane on his way to Fiji to fulfil his lifelong dream of becoming a pet detective. As he proceeds to fasten his seat belt a very youthful and cross looking air hostess scolds him in her best Swedish accent: How dare you sir, how dare you not take your mask off before take off?

Would you pay money to watch this?


Totally. As someone with the Truman delusion this would probably trigger me really bad though. I’d still watch just to see how he manages to escape on a canoe.

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That would be the best bit, ramming into the dome hungry for a brave New World.

I’d pay money to avoid it. This is more my style…



My idea of a movie takes place back in the 70s what are young man is place today State Hospital he spent the next six months to a year trying to escape then finally after succeeding finds love and happiness all to be short-lived and I tried to find him to take you back to the state hospital

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My dream is to produce a movie… i want it to be a dark/comedy/romance.

Its going to be called “stupid cupid” and it will be set in a utopian future earth after a meteor causes massive earthquakes and floods. it will be about many people who fall in love and how their love somehow saves humankind and they survive the end of the world.

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Loving it already.