Dept Health Human Services, ONC, user stories

here is the website where the ONC was sponsoring the ‘user stories’ and diferrent groups were working on different areas. this was several years ago now, howevr, now that I’ve been through the mental health ringer with my condition, id say they have more work to do.

I do believe I saw an initiateve come through on Federal Biz Ops, it was a long RFP, and I looked at it and it was 70+ pages long, I’m just one person, small company, and feeling well enough and confident enough to go back to work. It was an IDIQ contract to work with HL7 and the ONC. I believe Deloitte and Accenture were the ones doing that in Washington when I was there.

put Sz on the list, and I’d be glad to participate if I can.

so, for those out there who’d like to know how that works, there it is :smile:

I’ll ask around, look around, see if I can ‘subcontract’

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