Depression returning? Hope not

I don’t know why, but over the past 11 days or so I’ve begun to start feeling quiet inside, a little low. I hope my sza depression isn’t coming back and that the Citalopram is not wearing off in efficacy.

I don’t know if it’s pms or my period (which started four days ago) but 11 days feeling low seems too long for it to be that. Or maybe it’s my increase of Seroquel to 400mg which was from the 1st.

Usually when I was depressed i was worse in morning and better in night, but now it seems that my mornings are better, even though the Seroquel is still sedating me. Later in day when it wears off the lowness comes more.

I haven’t told my husband much about it yet but he’s twice asked me why I’m in a daze.

I wish I knew why I feel like this. It’s the first time in five months I felt low. Since I came out of hospital in Jan.


Hmm… That’s the way I am now. :thinking:

But maybe you’re just adjusting to the med chages?

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did you talk about it with your pdoc?

I hope that the low feeling goes away soon.

Me too.
My depression is better at night

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