Depression anxiety

Has anyone ever gotten severe depression and anxiety and overcame it?
How did you overcome these negative symptoms?

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If by negative you mean that they are bad, OK. But in schizophrenia terminology negative symptoms are not anxiety and depression

I had/have depression and anxiety.
I used to get anxiety attacks until I one day realised half of my attacks came because I was so scared of being scared.
I’d think to myself “Oh no, I can feel my anxiety. I can’t feel this way, nobody can see me getting scared, what do I do?” And then I’d drive myself into panic mode over it.
Once I learned it was okay to get anxious, and to acknowledge that I was feeling that way instead of trying desperately to get rid of it, my anxiety levels went way down.

As for depression. Well, it still returns sometimes. But I try my best to keep a positive outlook. And when I can’t, I turn to someone who can help me sort out the negative emotions and turn it into something positive.

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I am sza bipolar type so I deal with depression on a regular basis throughout the year. It is often severe and I get suicidal. I also deal with some anxiety, but it is nowhere near as disabling as the depression is. Medication helps with both of these things. I take my meds and I write poetry and a blog to get my feelings out. This is what helps me.

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I have had both, I did not really do anything to get over depression, just at some point after time I just started acting normal again and got on with life. As for anxiety I kind of realized that it was not the enemy. Being anxious is a natural process and it is only when you have problems that there is a problem. Being anxious can stop you doing stupid things and just because your feeling anxious over something does not mean something is wrong.

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I have seen anxiety listed as a negative symptom before, not depression though.

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Negative symptom is something that is absent. Anxiety is something more

This doesn’t really help with my question

OK. I take 2 anxiolytics and one antidepressant. They help

I don’t take benzos, so my advice is to find anxiolytics that don’t cause addiction

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The best thing for anxiety is to just breath, and maybe some breathing exercises. As for depression try to acknowledge it as it is and have a positive prediction on things.

I don’t know how you overcome negative symptoms but I know severe depression does go away. Try and get some sunlight and take vitamin d. That will help u.

Through lots of exercise with plenty of rest in between.
The 3rd time was a charm, I thought the right thing to do was to go to pdocs for help and drugs.
I’ll never know for sure if I could’ve managed the symptoms the 3rd time with the exercise and plenty of rest.
Dr advised abrupt Xanax withdrawals supposedly “triggered” my sz
There will always be the nay sayers who like to dispute what some people have gone through, but I have given you my honest answer, that’s the best I can do.

Now I know now I’m dependent on the drugs"aps", probably for life.

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