Depressed, some hallucinations

Hi everybody,
To make it short (if possible) i would like to say i feel depressed everytime when the sun starts to fade away.
Also i had hallucinations in the middle of the night (or at least i think it was)
i would see 2 bicycles and a sheet of paper floating in the air with an alien drawn onto it.

Whats happening ? and why do i have derealisation ? i feel like i made the world up or it isnt very real…

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I’m not a doctor and don’t diagnose. But maybe it’s that seasonal disorder called S.A.D. you can buy lightboxes to treat it. Or maybe you could get a blood test to see if you’re vitamin D deficient. But the best thing would be to talk to your doc about this sundown depression thing, he might have an idea.

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Do you mean your problems get worse at night time? That’s weirdly a common thing with mental illness. My theory is it’s because most people are alone with their thoughts at night, there aren’t the same distractions as during the day. If you mean when the weather isn’t sunny, like grey or whatever, then like everhopeful said you may have SAD, which can be treated.

Did your hallucinations happen while falling asleep or right after you woke up? In that case they are actually a normal phenomenon known as hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations and are basically your brain “dreaming” while you’re still conscious. If you were fully awake when they happened though that is a point of concern.

Derealization can be caused by intense stress. Have you been under a lot of stress? Or emotional pain?

They dont get worse because i feel the safest place for me is in my bed, i hallucinate when i wake up during the night (i also have racing thoughts) and yes im a very anxious person, loads of things scare me.

Thanks for the help guys it means a lot