Depressed on a soul level

Does that make sense?

This crisis text line is just so useless.

I don’t know what to do


Taking a cold shower helps me when I’m feeling low.

Taking a walk. 🚶‍♂️

Listening to music. :musical_note:

Reading a book. :green_book:

As long as your mind is occupied, U can kick depression in the butt. :peach:


Something sorta powerful and also that makes some sense to me in thinking about My depression is the phrase:

Connection is the opposite of addiction

It’s difficult (I surmise for you) with the crisis line bc You’re just meeting the other person on the phone for the first time…

But let me seriously ask you for my own benefit too… how do they work with regard to CONTINUITY ??

It’s a humongous part of stories, story telling, entertainment, things that are part of a society’s culture…


@Moon, I can understand what you’re saying. Are you feeling this way bc of the sz and all of those negative and positive symptoms or bc of something else in your life? If it seems sz related, I would report it to my sz doctor. It definitely sounds like a deep depression to get you in your soul. I have to make myself be positive bc I’m naturally pessimistic but it does help keep my depression at bay. I hope your dr can help your depression. Just reach out if I can help you. :heart:


Yes, it does make sense.
Deeply rooted depression


You thanked me for helping once while my handle was Dollar_Menu

I guess some people and their plights or personal story resonate cause I decided to offer some thoughts again to maybe get you out of your head…

And I’m saying all of this this way for continuity sake. : )


It’s both. I know I’m dead. So there’s that. But also I had to see my abusive ex in court yesterday and listen to her try to convince them that I was the abusive one. I feel really turned around and confused.

Hey I always wondered where you went!

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Perhaps an exercise regime could help?

Maybe a new hobby?

Or even just watching comedy shows and killing time.

You will beat depression eventually. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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