Depressed. Loosing friends

I’m so sad. I keep losing friends, for no good reason. My friend Emily today blocked me on Facebook with no explanation as to why. I just want to cry. I just want to curl up in a ball and not move till I die. This feeling has been building in me. I’m so financially stressed. It’s only a matter of time till I have no more money I really need to get a new job. At least my dog is keeping me alive.


I’m sorry you lost a friend. I had a friend whom I liked who just blocked me out of his life. It was a long time ago but I still wonder why. We didn’t argue nor did we get angry at each other. Poof! He was just gone.

I became a little bit insecure of myself when it happened. I thought a lot if I did somekind of mistake or if I’m toxic. I realized that he probably had his own reasons and that I shouldn’t dwell on it. I moved forward with my life! That was before I became ill.

Social media is brutal. It fu- cks us up, makes us depressed, it destroys our self- esteem. That’s why I don’t have a Facebook account.

Don’t dwell on friends and social media.

You need to get your money straight! That’s your priority! Apply for a new job!


I lost a good friend for no reason.
He just stopped texting or calling.
I tried some times to contact him,
but it was futile.
I stopped approaching him.
He ghosted me.
It saddens me.


well, hope the dog is being fed!

I lost my best friend, it’s kinda a deal, but no big deal at the same time.

he doesn’t want to hear the truth of what’s going on here with me,
too much of a fu-ck-ing liberal to hear any truth.

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This happened to me as well

Looking back and thinking about how he used to talk to me and behave, the signs were there that he didn’t want me around

Then he ghosted me, and that was it



In my opinion, this is worse than sz symptoms.
I can endure mental pain, but losing a friend is awful

Friends that turn their back on you are not really your friends. Besides, your only true friends is your family.


What this made me realise is that all the people I hung out with were all really hanging out with this other guy and not me

Once this friend ditched me, I lost my entire social life

My close family are, but the wider family not so much. They seem to be drifting apart and arguing since Covid-19

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Yes, father, mother, brothers and sisters. These are your true friends. Be yourself and you will atract loyal friends.

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Friends are hard to come by. The older one gets the harder it is to find new friends. I guess there is some truth to that. People get more defined and know what they want as they age, living of experience. I was a lot more open when I was younger.

I left a friend about a decade ago. But I had my reasons. He was constantly calling me up every day after he finished work so he could pass time even though he didn’t have anything to say. I asked him to stop. Text me instead I said, or limit calls to when you have something real to discuss. I probably told him like 10 times, but he just wouldn’t let up.

And there were other things as well. I had a problem with how he lived his sexual life. He was more for casual sex, while I’m a relationship kind of guy, so we kind of clashed there. I’m not going into the details, but he did some things he shouldn’t have done.

For the most part we only had weekend drinking in common, so it wasn’t really a big deal that our relationship ended. But sometimes I feel a little guilty about it. But when it’s usless to talk to someone, what are you going to do…

sorry to hear you lost your friendy =(

My best friend (though we had never met in person) committed suicide.


Sorry to hear that

Losing friends feel bad.
But don’t take it personally
Don’t beat yourself up and think about how and why, why, did, and are…
Cause it doesn’t matter.
You did nothing wrong.
These are not friends you should want anyway.

I personally don’t care for people who don’t care about me.

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What was the context of this though?
What happened the last time you met?
Have you been posting things on your facebook today?

People don’t just decide to defriend people for zero reason.
There must have been something that triggered it. Even if it was a very slow burn out over a couple of months or something.

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