Depressed just diagnosed diabetic

Hi all . My doctor wants to put me on abilify to stabilise me, but I’m really worried about the effect it will have on my blood sugars and weight loss plan. I am currently eating low carb and have lowered my blood glucose to 5 - 6. I have also lost 10 kg - about a stone.


Abilify isn’t to bad with weight gain from iirc…

Its supposed to be activating.

Olanzapine is bad with sugars, anything ending in Pine…

Good luck though


Did you get diabetes meds?

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Thanks I was olazapine for years - made me put on 7 stone

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Yes metformin 500mg for a week then 1000mg next week thereafter. Although I have just stuck to 500mg for time being.
I am feeling very suicidal but will post that elsewhere as this is for medication only.

Hi @Rosey Nice to meet you :slight_smile: I think Abilify should keep away your depression. Be hopeful :sunny:


I try but so hard - have no family but my kids- don’t qualify for state help unless I was on a section 3 - only ever been on section 2- husband ran off 10 years ago

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What antidepressants are you on besides Abilify?

No meds for antidepressants just sleeping tablets Valium statin and acid reflux

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You should really think about going on a anti depressant.

How often or when are u going to see your psychiatrist

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I used to be on 3 Prozac a day b4 brain tumour op. Which kept me stable But made me get steroid induced psychosis and doc said it was cos of Prozac. I upset ppl when in psychosis… never do that when manic… my psych doc discharged me probably upset him somehow?

As I have over 26k in assests ( property) the government will not do a care plan for me … they used to when my daughter was under 18

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My sister went on metformin and lost a lot of weight.

i just passed a fasting glucose diabetes test and a nonfasting blood sugar test.

I lost a lot of weight too from taking metformin, at first I was on 1000mg and lost 2 stone / 28 pound, then it was reduced to 500mg and I put back on 14 pounds.

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My blood glucose levels were near normal on Abilify, but I was watching my weight and exercising also.
I’m Diabetic too.