Depressed from haloperidol?

first when i take it i feel its action somehow by silence of voices and feel some type of what i call superreality feel everything is super-real
now after 1 year -if i remember correctly -it is totally silent i dont feel anything after taking medication
that lead me to some type of depression from taking pills i feel i dont like to take them
pls help

Sound more flat then depression common with taking meds as leads to the negatives. Stuff like omega-3, ginkgo biloba etc helped me with it all.

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how and when should i take them ?

There just vitamins and mineral (sups) you take orally. You can buy them at your local supermarket to save money. I take them and multi vitamins daily and really helps have posted the whole list of what I take a few time and huge list to long to post here.

Haloperidol gave me chest pains. Went back to loxapine.