Depot, oral maintainance or as needed

I’m absolutely not taking your medical advice without thinking, or discussing with the doc. But I’m doubting how to use meds. And are interested in your thoughts.

My symptoms are variable. And rather predictable. I get delusional during pms. When I’m in a stressful family situation. And when I eat dairy. It is extremely rare for me to get psychotic during non-pms days.

Last month I used 1mg/day haldol orally. And increased the dose to 2mg on the 1-2 days before menstruation.

Maintainance/depot has the plus that it brings more stability. It lessens psychosis risk and emotional disregulation.

As needed has the plus that it may prevent drug tolerance. It lessens my risk of dying (I had DVT and lung embolism from meds twice). And it may lessen side effects like emotional blunting, fatigue and cognitive issues.

I have a kid. Which kind of makes me not want to get psychotic. But also not want to die prematurely or be a zombi.

Any wise thoughts?

Did you ever try Dong Quai? It’s a otc supplement said to be helpfull regulating pms and hormones.

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Thanks. I saw it somewhere, but never tried. I will study it, and maybe ask a chinese herbalist.

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My one psychiatrist says I’d best be on a depot. To avoid the risk of psychosis.
The other says I’d best use as little meds as possible, only as needed. To avoid the risk of meds.


You should listen to the doctor, and depot ability has less weight gain than oral

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Thanks…but I never listen to someone, doc or not, without thinking about their advice for myself. Which is more important now 2 docs have opposite advices. :slight_smile:


Injection is better plus prn,if we are talking same med as prn…
All my former friends were on haldol depot plus other meds…

If you are planning more children,then I don’t know …

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I dont think having another kid would be a good idea…though I’d love to. So that is not of influence.

I though of a very low depot indeed…last time I was on 15mg/month haldol. Then add a prn a few days a month.

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I’m not really good example,I take pills all the time.

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Hence estrogen hypothesis, e2 is low during period phase. You could try phytoestrogens genistein and quercetin come to mind off the top of my head, Apigenin also. You could also use straight estrodial, birth control pills or serms. Ashwaganda might also work since it has relaxing properties and boost LH but is more trickey. Beta-ecdysterone is another possibility. You would need to test hormone levels using blood test and see and endocrinologist but still phytoestrogens won’t show direct activity here. This is uncharted territory though since with phytoestrogens you need a way to measure on target effects which there isn’t.

Alternatively prn you could just use antipsychotics and go with low dose Olanzapine and quetiapine but which are easy to use but less direct way of treating cycle related increases in psychotic symptoms.

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Intermittent drug techniques for schizophrenia - PubMed (