Depot Injection Today

Been a rollercoaster ride since my last depot. I dont know if I got a bad injection or otherwise. But since my last injection I had to visit the hospital twice for assessment. I had to visit the clinic for review. I got put on Haldol. I have to take Clonazepam to sleep. Basically I relapsed / broke down after I was doing so well.


My depot has been increased from 75 mg to 100 mg.

Mango juice things will go well again very soon. You are on one of the best LAI likewise me who is on a typical injection aswell that has served me well for nearly 3 decades.
So may you have merry Xmas and a happy new year and God bless.


Had to Google, LAI stands for long acting injectable

Which injection are you on?

I got my Abilify injection today


Mango juice I’m on zuclopenthixol( Clopixol) depot 400 mgs every other week and Seroquel 750 mg by mouth. The Clopixol is said to be the one depo with a lot more side effects than Haldol but I’ve got almost none. Clopixol has kept me out of the mental ward most of the time for more than 25 years. I never refused one moment to get the injection. After I tried Risperdone and Zyprexa and they didn’t quel my psychosis aftet half a year each I started on the Haldol like drug Clopixol and this meds became my main antipsychotics and cornerstone for the next 26 years. 11 years ago I got on the atypical antipsychotics besides of my depot. Both quel my psychosis, agitations very, very well so let me just state that your doctor is a very wise man when he decided to treat you with Haldol.

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The atipical sntipsychotic is seroquel and that’s the only of the newer.ones I really like.

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Bathe and change and waiting on transport. My uncle is taking us to the clinic today.


Beautifull picture mango you are very photogen. Just go for the haldol to stay fit.
And Good new year.


Good luck with your meds! I hope the Haldol helps you.

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Got my depot. Back home safe and sound.

Me also today i have my dépot of abilify 400.

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